Post NRA meeting thoughts and ramblings. 

I returned home from Nashville on the 13th of April and I’ve been thinking about it ever since I got home. First of all, I was blown away by the number of people that attended this years meeting, I have to say it was probably the safest place on earth for those 3 days. If you’ve never been to an NRA annual meeting I would suggest you go as soon as you can, you’ll be able to hold any gun you’ve ever wanted to hold and ask as many questions as you desire. I saw some amazing guns as well as a million other gun related accessories. As I walked around and talked to different people at their booths I was amazed with how willing they were to answer my questions as well as ask my thoughts on their products. What a brilliant concept! Listening to the people using your product. I was lucky to be asked by Pro-shot products to hang out at their booth and talk about all of their wonderful products as well as being able to meet many of my facebook and internet friends in person. I was able to sign a lot of autographs and take many pictures with people I’d only met online, those memories will last the rest of my life. I met several young girls who are just starting out shooting, I love to meet kids and talk to them about getting involved in the shooting sports. I was also able to meet my heroes in the shooting world! I love talking to people and the NRA meeting was the perfect place to do that, I was almost hoarse by the end of each day. Nashville was a great place to hold the meeting too, one evening they closed down Broadway and held a Colt Ford and Hank Williams concert. I’m just a farm girl form the country so this was a whole new experience for me!!!! The meeting was also a great time to meet prospective sponsors and thank existing sponsors in person, I am a huge believer in saying thank you to the people that help you. (Read my blog post “Where’s my free stuff”) I had a great time hanging out at the Benelli area of the show and ended up learning how to twin load a 3-gun style shotgun. A huge thanks to James Casanova for all of his help. It was great to see other 3-gunners as well like Katie Francis and the whole Yackley family. Dianna Muller was helpful too!! I can’t wait to start shooting 3-gun and the people involved with the sport are a huge reason. They are all so helpful and friendly. ( see, I’m rambling ).  In the end, the weekend went by way too fast! I hope I’m able to attend next years meeting in Louisville, Kentucky.  If you can go, do it!! You won’t be disappointed. ?

Remember to take a kid shooting, they are the future of this sport.