My thoughts on getting started shooting competitively.

I am asked by a lot of young girls about how to get started in shooting. Well, my short and sweet answer would be ” Just do it!! ” ?. The longer(ish) answer is to go and get someone you trust ( mom, dad, grandpa, grandma) to show you how to handle a firearm safely and proficiently. Once you understand how to handle a gun you should find the one that fits you the best. My hands are sort of small so I need a pistol with a smaller grip. I also like a lighter weight gun, you need to decide what you like best. I would also encourage you to pick the gun! I have seen lots of kids parents pick out a gun that is too big or too hard for a kid to safely use. I am all about safe firearms use!!  Most kids I’ve known have started with a 22 rifle or pistol. Next would be practice practice practice!!! A big part of shooting is muscle memory , so proper practice matters, a lot!!!  Next, would be to find a local club and go to a match and watch, it’s sort of nice to go watch and learn how a match is run. My favorite thing about shooting is the people I have met. Almost everyone you meet at a match is friendly and willing to help you out in any way they can. Especially when it comes to kids that are new to shooting. Once you feel comfortable about how everything works sign up and shoot your first match!! Soon, you’ll be shooting every weekend and burning through 100’s or 1000’s of rounds of ammo!! Parents always love that, Trust me!! 

This is sort of an overview, but it’s a good start. 

Above all, have fun!!!!

Remember to always wear eye and ear protection when you’re practicing or at the range.