Welcome to the team

  I’d like to welcome every freedom loving gun toting firearm owner to the team, the 2A team! I bounce around on the Internet and see lots of people harassing other people about the weapon of their choice. To me, that’s dumb! We are all on the same team, the second amendment team. I know everyone has an opinion on which gun is better,but keep a lid on it ,ok. I’ve read posts about Glocks, 1911’s,Kel-Tec,Hi-point,the list goes on and on and to someone they all suck!! Staaahp  it!! We are all fighting the same fight, the fight to keep the 2nd amendment alive. I know of a few people that are afraid to go to a gun shop simply because they’re afraid the guy behind the counter is going to belittle them because maybe they can only afford a Hi-point. Come on man, knock it off!!  I get asked all the time  about which gun someone should buy, my answer is buy the gun that fits your hand and you can operate safely. Looks are important too but safe and efficient operation is even more important. I don’t care if you like striker fired, or hammer fired. Buy what you like! I’m just happy to have another member of the 2A team. Opinions are fine, I have my own too. I try to keep them to myself (except on this blog) Women are always being told which gun they should shoot or buy, thanks guys, we can make our own decision. My mom ended up with a pistol she couldn’t pull the slide back on. My dad had the best intentions but in the end the pistol was sold and she bought one she could use ( sorry dad). I’ve found a couple local gun shops that are very helpful to women, in fact one has a very nice lady working behind the counter. It’s great to go in that shop and not only the tacticool guys, the ladies are being treated in the same way. We are all on the same team!! Guys, women are an absolutely huge segment of the firearms business and our numbers are growing every day. That’s great news for the team too because women have a lot of say about firearms in the home. Remember another thing, today’s girls will be mothers and wives someday. If you guys scare the women away then 2nd amendment may be toast in a decade or two. Let your little lady pick the firearm she wants. Who cares if it’s pink, Tiffany blue, black , polka dotted, whatever!! Better yet, ladies go to the gun shop and pick out your own pistol, rifle , or shotgun.  I’ll go with you if you want. Seriously, I love shopping for guns. 

We need to be supportive to everyone on the team,EVERYONE!!!

Now for something completely silly. The 2A cheer. 

2A,2A,Rifle,Pistol,Gun,we won’t give up until our life is done!!  GO TEAM!!!!!